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1) a drug dealer, any
2) a drug dealer who works on the corner or on the sidewalk, not to be confused with an On-line Doctor
I'm looking for a sidewalk pharmaceutical distributor so when i go to the social worker this evening we can have some fun
by Frank Cuzzocrea March 02, 2006
a drug dealer, legal, illegal, or both, that uses the internet or chat rooms to make his/her deals. this is different from a sidewalk pharmaceutical distributor who works on the corner.
My on-line doctor recommended some little blue pills tonight, but i brought Mary Jane instead.
by Frank Cuzzocrea March 02, 2006
Visiting a strip club, whore house, swingers club, adult video, or other sexual venue; usually in another city or in your local community when you are not accustomed to going to.
When Jim's wife goes on business trips, Jim and I put singles back into our local economy. His wife was once greatful for the local economy when she was a social worker in TJs.
by Frank Cuzzocrea March 02, 2006
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