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163 definitions by Frank

a porno movie that has hardcore sex with a guy with 2 dicks and he fucks two bitches at the same time
are you going to watch jondong
by frank May 12, 2004
3 1
An Asian female lying in front of the fire with her legs apart.
by Frank October 24, 2003
8 6
Swiss expression for punching in someone's face.
"Dude, i think there is too much shit in you're brain!"
"I glob du willsch mir blöd ko, odr!? Scheiniufsmaul, hä?"
by Frank May 07, 2005
9 8
Derived from the phrase, "mom-jeans". Garment of pants worn by woman in their later years. Commonly made of denimn, they are known for their super tight fit, oversized butt pockets, and extra long zippers to complement the large waste area needed to cover her fup.
After Dave's mom had her 8th child, she couldn't fit into anything but mojees.
by frank June 21, 2004
2 1
a) giving one person their props by extending one's hand out forming a fist, while looking in a completley opposite direction in which the fist is offered. The recipient then looks away also as the two bump fists.

b) the ultimate sign of approval; no such higher reward known to man
Dude, you won fifty bucks last nite playin cards???? No look fist it one time!
by Frank November 26, 2003
5 4
Awesome movie about a teenage kid who receives apocalyptic news from a 6 foot demonic rabbit
Cellar Door
by Frank August 10, 2003
49 48
Similar to {road rage}, this event occurs with rollerblades where one becomes very aggressive or ill-tempered at others, including cars, bikes, pedestrians, SUV-type baby carriages, other bladers, unleashed dogs, and children.
I had a serious case of blade rage when the damn taxi was closing in on my path.
by Frank June 17, 2003
2 1