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1.Winning over here, AND over there.

2. Opposite of bipolar
Interviewer: Are you Bipolar?

Charlie: Bipolar? Whats that? Im not bipolar, im bi winning.
by FranciscoTheRobot March 05, 2011
The act of going for a knife kill in Call of duty while you and your opponent are face to face, and at a small distance. It goes against "never bring a knife to a gun fight" but please believe, its very effective.

This term is used a lot by the great xcalizorz.
"Oh no this guy is shooting at me!!" (runs around corner and switches to ballistic knife)

"Can I for the bro rush?"

(Enemy comes around corner after him) "Bro rush, BRO RUSH!!! (knife kill) YEAAHH!!!!!!!"
by FranciscoTheRobot March 16, 2011

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