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1 - the word that determines if you are a boy or girl

2 - Gender
Yasmine: What is your turtles sex?

William: My turtles what?

Yasmine: Your turtles gender

William: Oh, girl turtle.
by FrancisGurl January 14, 2013
1 - determines if you are a boy or girl human (Also known as Gender)

2 - A dirty addiction that 2 people do together, same or opposite gender
Freddy Joe: What sex is you're new child?

Franky Bob: What?

Freddy Joe: It's gender

Franky Bob: Oh, it's a girl.

Franky Joe? When was the last time you and Margaret had sex?

Franky Bob: Last Tuesday

Franky Joe: I sure hope you're kid wasn't watching
by FrancisGurl January 18, 2013
1 - A female dog

2 - An overused word used to insult
"You're a bitch!" Jill yells, to her ex-best friend Melanie. "You're a bigger one!" Melanie yells back, showing the middle finger.
by FrancisGurl January 20, 2013

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