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An Invisible Dinosaur Friend To Franchesca{UrbanLegend}.
Happens To Be Black && Always Wears A Blue Birthday Party Hat On His Head Because She Glued It There.
1) Billy The Dinosaur Likes To Play Battleship With Franchesca{UrbanLegend}
by Franchesca[[UrbanLegend]] June 17, 2008
A Pink Elephante(El-Uhh-Fon-Tay), See PinkElephante, Who Enjoys Stealing Left Shoes, Playing BattleShip With Old People, && Has A Little Old Blind Man Named Hank, That Sits In A Diner In Her Head, and He Likes To Be Served By The Waitress Also In Her Head Named Betty, She Has An Invisible Friend.See Billy The Dinosaur. He Is A Black Dinosaur, Named Billy The Dinosaur, That Wears A Permanent Birthday Party Hate Because She Glued It There.
1) Franchesca{UrbanLegend} Just Beat Yew In Battleship!!
by Franchesca[[UrbanLegend]] June 17, 2008

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