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2 definitions by Francesgaroth

A 2,000-student college in northwestern Massachusetts, Williams College has been ranked #1 by US News and World Report for several years in a row. It also dominates in sports. Founded in 1793, it has a beautiful campus in Berkshire Mountains, close to the famous Clark Art Institute and Mass MoCa in neighboring North Adams. Strong in all subjects, Williams is especially noted for its dominance of the art history world, having alums in charge of many major American art museums. Also has by far the largest endowment—1.5 billion dollars—of any college of comparable size. Students come from all over the U.S. and the world. Williams has pretty much everything, with the possible exception of a nearby major city, although Boston and New York are moderately accessible.
School colors: Purple and Gold.
School mascot: The Purple Cow
Team name: The Ephs (“Eefs”), named after founder Ephraim Williams.
Traditional nemesis: AmHerst.
"George Steinbrenner, Stephen Sondheim, and President Garfield all went to Williams College."
“Hey, Williams just beat Amherst 51-21! At Amherst's homecoming!”
by Francesgaroth November 30, 2006
A city of about 35,000 people in Northcentral Wisconsin. (70,000 if you include the "Greater Wausau Area.")
"Did you hear that Perkins got struck by lighting?"
"Great...now there is absolutely nothing to do in Wausau after 10pm."
by Francesgaroth May 01, 2006