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A gun that Vincent Valentine uses in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. It is the main gun of the game and very powerful when upgraded. It has three barrels and is all black with silver dog heads at the end of each barrel with some lines coming off of the dogs. There is a keychain coming of the end of the handle representing the three headed dog himself, Cerberus. Also, depending on what barrel you use will depend on how much damage you do.
Vincent: I'll use the short barrel this time.
(Vincent shoots at a faster rate)
Random Soldier: uh, that hardly hurt!
(Vincent equips Cerberus' normal barrel)
Vincent: How about now?!
BOOM...Critical hit
Random Soldier: owie...
by Fragment Chaos November 05, 2006
A gun used by Vincent in Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. It has the ability to kick back an opponent so you have time to do something. If you continously fire they they do a funny dance in the air. They do as much damage as the normal machine gun Griffon.
Vincent: Hey, lets try out this new gun.
Random Soldier: He's over here!
(Vincent pulls out BLAST MACHINE GUN and fires)
Random Soldiers: WTF?!
BOOM. all die.
Vincent: ... sweet.
by Fragment Chaos November 03, 2006

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