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- Noun

One of the members of the DPW (department of public works) crew that sets up Black Rock City, the location where Burning Men is held each year in the Black Rock Desert. So named because their long exposure to the Playa has both covered them in dust and reduced their social abilities to those of a rabid rat.

Although they are the biggest assholes at Burning Man they get away with behaving like drunken morons because if it wasn't for them the city wouldn't get built.
Dude, I was just trying to sit in this chair in this guys camp, and this dude in all black with a really bad suntan came up and punched me for being near his tent. What the fuck.

Oh, thats just a DPW dust rat. He's probably been out here for six months and is a little pissy about 50,000 ravers showing up in his back yard.
by FractalPulse July 26, 2011

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