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Being whack, weird, stupid, not in the right state of mind, a loser, and a person that's not making any kind of sense.
Person 1: Hey let's go to a party!
Person 2: No, I don't feel like it.
Person 1: C'mon stop being whougie and go have some fun.

Ex: That example above was whougie.
by FrackDeLaFrack January 26, 2013
You can only be appointed to be Fougie, it's an honorable title and only one that is Fougie will know what Fougie means and only a fellow Fouger can appoint you to become and own the title Fougie.

2. In some way can be the opposite of whougie.
Person 1: I met the president of the United States!
Person 2: The President?! Oooh you're so Fougie-errr!
by FrackDeLaFrack January 26, 2013
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