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The country in which I am so proud to call my home. A country made free by my grandparents and many others due to their roles in WWII. A country in which we complain that it's too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer. We have 10 provinces and 3 territories. Some say Newfoundland is the beginning of the Earth because of its beauty!! We know for a fact that vikings settled in our country! Our entire country is very multi cultural. We have mountains, great lakes, and vast countryside. We don't say "aboot", and every sentence does NOT end with "eh." We aren't afraid to let same sex couples marry, despite our new PM's view on the definition of "Marriage." Tons of really cool movies get filmed in Canada! We have cowboys on the west coast!! We have one of the best skiing resorts in the WORLD in BC!! WE GOT THE 2010 OLYMPICS!! We say "please" and "thank you" more then any other country in the world! HOCKEY! LACROSSE! BASKETBALL! The first wireless signals were sent by Marconi in St. John's Newfoundland to England!! We don't have much of a military, but we are known for our peacekeeping and aid efforts. We have the tallest freestanding structure in the world, CN Tower. It costs us a fortune to fly within our own country, but peanuts to fly overseas. Canada...just a really great place to live and visit!
Come to Canada and see all her glory!
by Foxy Roxy February 22, 2006

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