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A female (usually attractive) that seems to always manage getting involved with the worst kind of guys (druggies, alcoholics, wiggers, mexicans, etc.). It is bewildering to most because she has more going for her in life and several advantages that she doesn't use much to the dismay of her family and friends that love her. Her record of relationships has only given her heartache and STD's from all of her asshole loser boyfriends cheating on her. She is usually a victim of low self-esteem and an easy target for such losers to prey on. She harbors deliusions of "changing" him into a respectable man (her deliusons are only that -- she has no idea it is impossible) make her feel important in the relationship and that her loser boyfriend really needs her when he could give a flying fuck about her until he's got a hard on.
She sure is pretty, but look at that dumb ass loser guy she's with -- she's one dumb cunt for dating that wigger unemployed drug dealing booze drinking std giving asshole
by Foxy Funderburke October 04, 2009
A completely unreasonable person who constantly reacts with anger or any other extreme emotion when they do not get their way often over simple things "normal" individuals take in stride, but not insane enough to be placed in a home (due to frequency of occurences) but still causes enough misery and grief for themselves and others around them.
Melissa made us all uncomfortable when she kicked the walls and struck herself repeatedly when she learned a check she wrote bounced at the bank. A simple error drove her into a rage and we all believe she is functionally insane.
by Foxy Funderburke September 20, 2009
An individual (usually male) that goes from store to store or from department from department within the same store in a desperate pathetic attempt to date members of the opposite sex. Often they are frequent customers, but clearly their motives are not patronage and they're completely oblivious to the annoyances they cause. Sometimes they work for the same retailer they do their stalking in.
He was not successful getting the phone number of the cute girl at the Service Deli counter, so he went to Dairy and tried to get the phone number of the cutie working there. If he does not get it he will try the hottie in Electronics -- such is the life of a retail stalker.
by Foxy Funderburke September 21, 2009

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