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1: a. toes that resemble dildos due to length, shape, ect.
b. a dildo that resembles a toe
2: Toes/feet involved in sexual release/stimulation.
3: A deragatory term
4: Subject of the illest rhymes ever.
5: A positive exclaimation.
1. a. That chick has some hot dildo-toes
b. Do you stock dildo-toes?
2. "I love dildo-toe jobs," said Mrs. Hitchenson unknowingly in front of her now shocked 12 year old.
3. Shut up, your mother is a dildo-toes.
4. Yeah you think this shit’s gross but it’s a fallacy
I love it when them dildo-toes rub my phallus, G
5. I finally got a promotion. That is so dildo-toes to the max!
by Foxs_revenge April 20, 2006

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