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1. a specific aurora borealis that goes over the Laplands, mainly the colour red.

2. a diety said to appear before someone as they stare at a bright light including (And not limited too) the sun, strobe lighting, flash bomb or a television screen. it's often the warning point to someone before they go blind.

3. a trance hallucination where in cases, people see a blurred streak of light and to them, it appears to be moving.

4. to be clever at a physical science
1. For a good 25 minutes, neonfoxes lit up the night sky over Sweden.

2. I'm glad that neonfox showed up when it did, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to find my way out of that rave.

3. I had to calm Ganges down, apparently he'd been seeing neonfoxes and was starting to become paranoid.

4. In chemistry everyone wants to be my partner; apparently I'm the neonfox there.
by Fox In a Trance June 26, 2009
the act of showering outside when it's raining
It started raining really hard in Sicily and with not a lot of money to stay in a hotel, I took a gypsy shower on the corner of the street and then slept in the van.
by Fox In a Trance July 11, 2009
a place that is complete zen with no bothers or worries and the person is completely aware of this; can be a state of mind or an actual physical place.
"I remember lying in the forest with only the sounds of nature, wind blowing through my hair and leaves at my feet. Truly it was a sea of blissful awareness
by Fox In a Trance June 26, 2009
1. the home planet of Fox McCloud of the Star Fox franchise a.k.a. the Star Fox Nintendo games a.k.a. one of the best FUCKING video game series ever developed and you know I'm right.

2. a physical place that is there and tangible but is out of one's reach at the time being.

3. (adjective) someone who is not popular or not welcomed by the scene society and is perfectly happy like that but will still try to make an impact.
1. My friend then said, "Dude why the hell do you play Star Fox games? I played the Corneria level, it sucked." and then I slapped him in the face and yelled at him, "ARE YOU HIGH?! It's the best game EVAH!" he told me he had smoked a little before playing so i todl him to first come off the high and THEN play the game.

2. Getting an A in the class seems like a Corneria right now. wait, why the hell am I worried about school I need to gets home and play Star Fox!

3. All the preppy kids at the school make fun of us but truly they're a little cocerned about us enigmatic Cornerians.
by Fox In a Trance June 28, 2009
(n) a psilocybic mushroom that causes extreme hallucinations. the high often leaves people paranoid and schizophrenic, as if voices were talking to them.
"After listening to Shpongle for a good few hours, I started to heart strange voices. I shouldn't have taken those spokeshrooms"
by Fox In a Trance June 26, 2009
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