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When you spread your butt cheeks wide open while in the shower to let the water run down your ass crack and wash out any chunks of shit that may have accumulated throughout the day.
My dingleberries were so thick I had to go home and aqua floss.
by Fort Donkey May 03, 2008
A sport where two people run towards each other at full speed with massive erections and hot dogs stuck halfway up their butts. The victorious party will keep his hot dog intact upon cock-to-cock contact while the loser will break his hot dog in half by clenching his butt cheeks together in fear of the collision.
The arena floor was covered in broken hot dogs after the annual cock jousting tournament.
by Fort Donkey May 03, 2008
The difficult act of inserting both the cock and the balls into a single condom, thus resembling the tight confinement of a group of clowns packed into a small car.
My balls are bruised because I crashed my Clown Car into some slut last night.
by Fort Donkey May 10, 2008

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