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A disgusting boy that writes essays about girls.
Eg.: Cliff has the microphone. NEVER GIVE CLIFF THE MICROPHONE
by Forrest August 11, 2004
This is a very distrubing act where an otherwise normal male starts fantasizing about ass-wrecking another (usually of smaller stature) male.
Holy Shit. E-ore hasn't seen a good looking bitch for so long, he's fanti-gotting about Pee Wee Herman.
by Forrest June 03, 2004
A Gay queer that follows people around saying Stupid things.
Bob Aint no Baum.
by Forrest June 12, 2003
The strange phenomenon affecting Asian people when they drink too much. Characterized by their face turning bright red.
Check out Boyu Li #1, he's got Red China like nothing else
by Forrest March 25, 2003
A black drill sergeant addressing his soldiers.
Let me be pacific which you mens!
by forrest April 05, 2004

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