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Any group that worships, well, anything. (God,Ganeshe, Yahewa, Golden Calf, Satan, Bill Gates, The Beatles, etc...)

Oh, and for MANY of the above posts...

Buddhism is a philosophy, and historically, unless I'm extremely uneducated, hasn't caused any harm. It's a nonviolent group. Oh, and for those who DO consider it a religion... well, you're obviously grossly uneducated in buddhism, and should probably read up on it before judging it.

For some reason, I get the impression that none of the religion-smashers here have even read any religious texts, instead choosing to be atheist because it's trendy instead observing all the evidence and making a philosophical choice.
Majority of Above Posters: Religion sucks! Down with Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc...!

Me: *walks up, draws a Hitler moustache on them, walks away* Enjoy your book-burning.
by Foret March 30, 2005

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