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A word that can be used to describe anything at anytime in the event that a suitable word cannot be thought of for the sentence being used. Can be abbreiviated to words such as 'Nav' and 'Nav Nav'.
What are you having for dinner?" "Ermm, ...Naveed"
by ForestRep1 March 29, 2011
A word often used by men to describe a female that consists of a very good top to bottom ratio, has a very pretty face, and could be rated within the scale of 8.0 out of 10. The word is often expanded on to provide an option for other situations such as a whisky tequila for an older female. In the event that there are multiple females together that fit the category, the word can be edited at the beginning with 'double', 'triple' etc depending on the number of females.
Oh my god, look at that tequila
by ForestRep1 March 29, 2011

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