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Literally translated "I shit on the devil"

Heard among the mostly Catholic people of the Dominican Republic. The Spaniard version is usually "me cago en la ostia" or "me cago en dios." Dominicans, perceiving this idea as a travesty on god, switch terms, hence "me cago en el diablo." Commonly used to express annoyance or anger.
Olga: Se te quedo la camisa en casa.

Andres: No la voy a poder devolver. Me cago en el diablo!
by ForeignerD August 03, 2009
Spanish, commonly used in conjuction with shit, i.e. "plota 'e mierda." Figuratively, a "crock" of shit.
El peinado de esa vieja me recuerda una plota de mierda.
by ForeignerD August 12, 2009
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