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3 definitions by For Real Though

A very prestigious high school in Philadelphia. The very best are picked out of many and chosen to attend this school. Others who do not make the cut are jealous, and decide to make fun of them. The truth is, they are better than all of you.
LaSalle, Malvern, Devon, and Roman... you can all just go suck a giant dick.
by For Real Though March 05, 2005
313 224
To come from out of no where, and have a big effect on a situation, much like Billy Volek came out of no where and threw 15 touchdowns in the NFL.
Wow he just pulled a Volek on that play.
by For Real Though March 05, 2005
8 1
To woo a girl into liking you, then proceeding to go out with her.
Man he pulled a Volek on her!
by For Real Though March 07, 2005
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