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When someone has something inside "multiple bag levels", like a bag inside a wallet inside a purse inside a backpack. It's usually very frustrating for everyone.
Mick: Drop me some dough?

Mike: A'ight.

(Opens backpack, finds bag, opens bag, finds wallet, opens wallet, finds money)

Mick: Yo, it's like bagception up in here!
#inception #bag #levels #annoying #bothersome
by FoodEater62 October 02, 2011
When a group of 3 or more goes on an amusement park ride, the bagsman is the person who takes all the group's bags and other loose articles over to the designated area before the ride starts.
Mick: Let's go on The Claw!

Mike: A'ight. Tony, it's your turn to be the bagsman.

Tony: Fine, gimme your bags. But you guys better save me a seat.
#amusement #park #bagception #fun #frolic
by FoodEater62 October 02, 2011
1. Same as ballin', but with respect to cornhole.

2. The cornhole equivalent of "ballin'".

(pronounced "hole-in")

ballin' :: Basketball
holin' :: Cornhole
Tommy: "I just bought a new Lamborghini."

Tommy: "Nice!"

Tony: "Yeah, I be holin'!" *motions tossing cornhole bag*
#cornhole #kentucky #cincinnati #ballin' #baller
by FoodEater62 October 06, 2011
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