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1 definition by Foler

Used to describe someone with a very small penis. A neuad usually talks alot about ugly girls he would like to have sexual intercourse with. A neuad will not go to college, yet thinks he is a genius, he will frequently talk about topics he has no clue about what so ever (Usually cars). Everyone thinks hes a local retard, and treats him nice so he feels better about himself. Most importantly of all, a neuad has never been laid before, and chances are never will be laid by anything that your average person would find attractive. A neuad is ugly and has a funny haircut, is poor and jealous of rich people. A neuad hates Foler because Foler is super successful and will not spend the rest of his life telling girls he owns a knife sharpening business.
<neuad> So anyone with kids, preferable young girls?

<neuad> Foler, teach me to be cool, successful, and how to get laid PLEASE I BEG YOU.
<Foler> No, you are a failure to humanity, you will never amount to anything, I suggest you go ahead and turn gay at this point.
by Foler December 19, 2007