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4 definitions by Foggy Gentlemen

Someone who is so close to you they are like your brother but obviously from another woman. You're brother from another mother.
"Sup my brotha' from anotha' mutha'?"
by Foggy Gentlemen June 07, 2006
41 5
A protitute who also happens to be of the race known as Protoss from the Starcraft series.
"So I picked up this protosstitute and the next thing I know I have genital warts.
by Foggy Gentlemen June 07, 2006
13 9
noun - a rather mountainous breast. Shaped more like a mountain then rounded.
Holy Jesus! She's got a pair of kozungas! Its like Mt. Everest!
by Foggy Gentlemen March 16, 2006
2 2
A nickname for someone who, although is fucking awesome, is rather large and could possibly have a gravitational pull. Usually a hybrid of ethnics Grav happens to be stuck with a Jan Oliver
"Grav! Whats up?"
"not much, Jan Oliver tried to eat me today but couldn't waddle to me fast enough."
"Smooth escape."
by Foggy Gentlemen June 07, 2006
7 20