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an exceptionally skilled person in the art of carebearness. Often the target of hostality due to his immense power yet unwillingness to kill.
that guy was a total rwaaar
by foshizzle December 23, 2004
the act of going poop
Damn you dog, you have to go pooptron again?! I hope this one is not ananaconda
by FoShizZle March 14, 2005
Big Ass Titties
"Dat ho got some bats fo' real!"
by Foshizzle January 23, 2004
something on a pu pu platter that you do not want to put a metal fork in for more than 10 seconds and then put the fork in your mouth
Shit, the hot fiyah burned my lips!
by FoShizZle March 14, 2005
a bad ass motherfucker, derived from the latin rw-aaar meaning; to fuck up.
damn, that rwaaar is one trick ass mother fucker!
by foshizzle December 23, 2004
one who believes to be satan, usually insane women in their late-fifties who are trying to be young and devious. people like this will most likely be found in a mental ward or behind bars for their own health.
many men were attracted to the little devil until she proved her insanity to them.
by foshizzle November 09, 2003
one clinging to life as a parasite of the ass, allowing for the survival of devolved ass-latched peoples.
Catholic Priests, and the red headed step children they rape.
by foshizzle December 03, 2003

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