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incapable of playing any musical instrument whatsoever.
musically challenged in every way.
ryan: i'd like to try out for the band!

Jimmy: Dude! theres no way you can be in the band-your just so bandicapped!

ryan: :''''
by Flyingblindlyforthintoyonder March 03, 2008

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an extreemely good band with members THAT ARE NOT FRICKING EMO. Go an check every interview they've had and the band has not once declared themselves, goth, punk or emo. Just because they dress a certain way doesn't mean there goth. Gerard just has a little obsession with death. Is that his fault? So what if I had an obsession with the colour pink? Does that make me a prep? No so To all the haters out there who are saying
"oh my god-cuuutters"
-SHUT UP. If you actually listened to the songs you'd get the points that the band is trying to express instead of listening to pointless fucking songs like "Grillz" and "Do y'chain hang low?" or even "This is why i'm hot." (Now i'm not saying all other music is bad-even Gerard likes Justin Timberlake for example, i'm just making a point here) Those are the songs that fucking suck. My chemical romance expresses feelings of love, joy, yes they do pain too, but it's not:
Okay first of all Gerard started the band after the Sept 11 attacks. IT INFLUENCED HIS LIFE. Thats why he made the song "Skylines and Turnstiles". To the people out there who are like
"oomigod, look at him acting crazy in his videos!!!"
that just shows he's passionate and isn't afraid to show that he doesn't care if the world accepts him or not, but that he'll keep on living anyway the way he wants to! (Famous last words is kinda giving that message a bit) Gerard isn't emo, he shows other emotions besides hatred and anger. The band shops at Wal Mart to get action figures for crying out loud! They sleep on Teen Titan bunks-they can show happiness! Just to set things straight, Gerard dyed his hair blonde for the album-and the preps and haters need to stop worrying about how the band looks and
"omigod that hair doesn't help his complextion!"
-try listening to the music. (some of the music is technically punk and emo (which is the most stupid genre name because it caused sooo many stereotypes) but the band likes to think of themselves as doing Alternative music) Instead of listening to a guy say he's hot over and over and then say
"I'm hot cause i'm fly you ain't cause you not"
try listening to real music with meaning. (By the way that guy who says that is saying a double negative so the song doesn't even make sense) MyChemicalRomance doesn't deserve all this shit from people who never even gave them a chance. The band is just trying to make a difference in the world-big or small. the point is they're trying. MyChemicalRomance's songs are pleasant to the ear and also give a message. "Helena" and "Welcome to the black parade" aren't the only songs they've ever done. The band started out with a different sound and even when they suddenly changed the music was still good. Just for the record, the name "My Chemical Romance" was not just a name thought up when Gerard was in depression-it was inspired by a book called "Ecstacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance" so there! Yes! Could it be the band can read instead of burn books!? Yes! So stop calling them emo. stop calling them goth. stop saying they suck when all of the main music out there is about sex, hot bods, drugs, and alchohal-cause y'know thats soooooooo cool. Just back off of Mychemicalromance-because i'm sick and tired of hearing about it when they didn't do anything to deserve this bullshit.
Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Frank Lero
Ray Toro

These guys are fricking heroes and idols of mine (obviously) and they actually care about their fans. During concerts instead of just singing and going, they interact with the audience to keep them thirsty for more. My Chemical Romance: may they have many more songs to come (And we all know they will cause they frickin rock)
emos: hate themselves
goths: hate everyone
Mychemicalromance: doesn't hate anyone, even when they fired Matt (former member) they didn't just boot him.

emos: want to die
goths: want to kill everyone
Mychemicalromance: want to set good examples through their music

St00pid: My chemical romance is a bunch of emos that cut themselves and scream about death

Billy: No...My Chemical romance is a band with inspirational ideas expressed through poetry and music.

Autumn: And they are in no way emo or goth, despite how they dress! : )

by Flyingblindlyforthintoyonder April 09, 2007

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