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2 definitions by FlyingWeagle

used to be a mistype of google that still directed to www.google.com; now directs to 'googlr' page on urban dictionary
"I accidentaly tried googlring yesterday, but I got Urban Dictionary instead"
"Lolz, sweet man!"
by FlyingWeagle September 21, 2008
Similar to a High ten (where both hands are used as opposed to the one for a high five,) but also includes a jump by both participants. During this time the four hands AND FOUR FEET are brought together to create the high twenty.
Reserved for moments of unparalleled levels of awesome.
A: "Hot biscuits! that was AWESOME!"
B: "Booyah! High Five!"
A: "High five? That deserves a high twenty!"
by FlyingWeagle September 25, 2008