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Walt Disney - When someone freezes during a routine or a particular situation.
Game 7 of the finals...

Yo, that nigga pulled a walt disney at the foul line.
by Fly May 12, 2004
party - to perform an orgy of sex, or run a train. Ie...2 guys and 1 girl.
Yo son...you wouldn't believe that smut let me and Tone party on her.

Yo, me and Tone partied that bitch last nite.
by Fly May 13, 2004
sitka alaska slang for cocain
thats some bomb hoo ha aint it?
by fly February 04, 2004
As with almost all Quebecois swear words, this one refers to an item in the church,the box the communion wafers are stored in. (taberbnacle)
Usually used as a exclamation!
Tabarnak, that hurt!
by fly January 08, 2005
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