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A derogatory label and self assurance, used by little boys, whose only baddassery, comes from making their cartoon characters jump around and hit other players real good. Their fragile egos exist only in the form of number of PVP kills earned in a video game and are thus, sadder than you.
Used as a form of counter whining, and childish ad homonym to express frustration at the fact that other players may not enjoy having a 14 year old with self esteem issues and an internet based upbringing, or some 40 year old virgin who dry humps his keyboard for 22 hours a day- killing them while they're trying to play a game.

Those who use this phrase are usually used to chat speak and are generally unable to form complete sentences and original thoughts due to the brain filled with hopes of honor points and other such virtual pride.

Talk about how much a pussy people who aren't into PVP are but offline are the biggest chickenshits around. They honestly think anyone with pubic hair actually considers them to be intimidating.

Used by people who have no life outside a video game.
You may call me a carebear because I'm "afraid of PVP" but if I unhinged your Dorito specked claws from the keyboard and put a woman in front you...well, you'd probably wet yourself.
by FlowersInMidgar4 September 12, 2008
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