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It´s an Argentine Word used for women who like to give blowjobs
F1:Hey! John! do you remember your Neighbour??

F2:Yeah! Magui...wasn´t she?, what´s up?

F1: Last night I went out with her, and I really never thought she was such an incredible "Petera"
by Florchi January 23, 2007
Argentine word used to describe a woman who loves to give oral sex to another woman.
"Pesebre" is used as vagina.
f1: Hey magui!....do you remember your friend Tola?

F2: Yes Flo, what´s going on with her?

F3: Connie, the lesbian,....told me she´s in love with her...told me that Tola was an incredible "Pesebrera"
by Florchi January 23, 2007
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