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5 definitions by Flop

a beav or pussy which is shaved
Do you have a bald beav or keep it hairy?
by Flop May 12, 2004
The origin of haldodgers is derived from a little league baseball team and the player. Created 6 years ago.

1. A Slanted eyed, shovel face, rice patty chink gook.

2. Someone who is capable of consuming a massive amount of alcohol.

3. Someone who watches Baseketball religiously One racist motherfucker

4. One racist motherfucker
Damn, that Haldodgers just downed 28 shots of rum.

That Haldodgers called me a nigga!

Well isn't that funny, a Haldodgers working in the rice patties.

There's that Haldodgers quoting Baseketball again.
by FLOP December 01, 2004
floppy titties

big monsterous breasts which flop around when moving
Look at those flopititis
by Flop May 12, 2004
a beav or pussy which is hairy
She has one hairy beav
by Flop May 12, 2004
a band of pretty cool greek girls made by Zeus and Mnemosyne to help artists when they need inspiration.

by extension, anybody who's in a position to inspire an artist.
Who's your Muse, muso? - Muse
by Flop February 02, 2005