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2 definitions by Flis

Commonly used phrase in Sweden when something doesn't work out the way you want it to.

It's pronounced like: Va faan
You are waiting for the bus, but instead of stopping it drives just past you.
- Va fan?!

You find out that you just failed your math test.
- Va fan!

by Flis April 22, 2006
Another famous Swedish phrase. The english translation would be: Hell no! In Swedish you can also say: Aldrig i livet! (not in this lifetime)

The phrases indicates that it is somthing that you don't want to have or do. It is pronunced like: (Iii Helsikke hellor)
-You want to go on a date with me tomorrow?
- I helsike heller! or Aldrig i livet!

- Eat this piece of broccoli now.
- I helsike heller.

- You are coming with me to that party.
- I helsike heller.
by Flis April 22, 2006