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Correa showed up at a Pirate Theme dance acting like Jack Spearow... He played it so well, the fac followed him all night. When he got back to his dorm, he couldn't get outa character, and his adviser thought he was straight hyphy. They had that pimp drug tested cause his skillz were just too fly.
That was the example mutha fucka, of Correa.
by Flipz and Spearow April 02, 2005
A large entity, known for breaking the silence only to continue it. One with his mind... just the wrong half. His arch nemisis is Adam. You can find these two giants duking it out at SPS. In his defense, he's comfortable being himself in ANY situation.
Rashaud exclaimed, "I was trying to be a dick, but she was making it so hard. It was like she was reverse stalking me."
by Flipz and Spearow April 02, 2005
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