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5 definitions by FlipWerd

when a girl suddenly turns from nice to bitchy
I was just talking to her then made a comment about her hair. She lashed out at me so fast, l must have triggered her BitchSwitch.
by FlipWerd May 08, 2011
Bringing facts to back up an accusation. A factual accusation, simply not based on speculation or inconclusive deduction.
No, I am not accusing you of sleeping with him. The faccusation is true, look at these pictures of you two together, in bed.
by flipwerd June 12, 2013
A person who is utterly Obnoxious while on the Job.
Oh my Gosh, he is so jobnoxious. He comes to work and thinks he is just a Know it all. Ugh, what a jobnoxious person!
by flipwerd May 10, 2011
The act of talking on the phone extensively or intimately with a person of another gender while married. Typically unknown to the spouse.
Even tho she's married to Mike, she and l still talk on the phone regularly. She's a phonogamist, or into phonogamy. We have a phonogamous relationship.
by flipwerd March 13, 2011
A Bushism word meaning more succint and direct, not wasting time nor distance. Snicker and use hands when using this word.
l took the shortcut even tho it was lacking directicity.
by flipwerd June 04, 2010