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This line is probably going down in history as the most famous
and memorable quote from the new Batman movie 'The Dark Knight'.
Spoken by the late Heath Ledger as The Joker.
The tagline was also used in the production company's marketing campaign for the movie.

In every day use it can be used to tell someone to lighten up.
The Joker: 'Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face!'
by Flinders July 18, 2008
a fake accent >>> fa-ccent >>> faccent
Yankees trying to sound like a Pommie
by Flinders May 18, 2005
the act of uttering profane/obscene/vulgar language.
- '@#!%*&^)#(*>@<?!*!!!'
- 'wow, expletivery much?'
by Flinders May 27, 2008
Not just ANY loser but an unbelievably sad ass hopeless oh so tragic person.
The kind of loser who makes your fingers itch just by standing there, breathing, exisiting, doing nothing.
There is something so inherently 'lo0oserness' about them, you just want to slap them.
- 'Ugh, I cannot get over what a loser Brian is.'
- 'Brian is not just a loser, he takes it to a whole new level: he is a complete Lo0oser.'
by Flinders February 19, 2008

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