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The opposite of a catalyst, a Malcolm will act as a retardent to any process, slowing it to the point where the rate of advancement of any task is almost immeasurably slow.
The job was running on schedule but, since we started using Malcolm, we're not even anticipating an end date anymore.
by Fles November 30, 2010
The false hope that the letters you type will somehow sort themselves into the right order all by themselves.
It's the flase hope I can't stand!
by Fles December 25, 2009
After the break-up of a combo who were making sweet music together, the one who just ends up sitting alone in the dark reminiscing while he fingers his instrument is said to be pursuing a solo career.
So what happened to David Van Day after Dollar split up?

Oh, he's pursuing a solo career in the back of a burger van.
by Fles December 06, 2010

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