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Norwood is a town just outside of Boston that has nothing more to offer the world than car dealerships and girls who believe there vaginas are to be used like turnstiles. If you live in Norwood you more than likely head down to Gus and Donnas every week to get your high and tight haircuts, and then go to Lewis' to show it off to the other townies drinking themselves into oblivion. Many people believe that the water supply in Norwood has some how been tainted because everyone in this town is paranoid to the point of utter insanity. Norwood is also home to one of the classiest streets in all of Massachusetts, Jefferson Drive.(I'm laying the sarcasm on thick here)Seriously though, if you are poor and love drugs this is the place to be. This street seems to have been transplanted in Norwood from some backwater hick-town in Alabama, but these are not the worst of people in Norwood. The worst that Norwood has to offer us are the droves of kids that think they are incredibly tough and will fight for no good reason to prove it. If you don't believe me stop by the "Krayzee Horse" on any given night. These kids feel like they are tough because they have families that moved to Norwood from actual tough towns like Southie or Dot when in actuality they are just over privledge pussies that would not last 5 minutes outside of their fantasy worlds they have created where they are tough low level mob thugs. G-unit shirts run wild in this town, not on the black kids either.
by Flashers November 08, 2007
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