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1. A person that is fun-loving, athletic, high status in school and just a very cool kid that is sometimes a player, without meaning to be. He can be those kids who is popular that smokes and drinks. But once you know him he's more than you bargained for. Handsome, and everyone calls him an Angel. He even says it.

2. Angel as a girl name can be misleading cuz all the girls i know named that way are in no way an Angel like the boy angel i know. They are the kids who don't care what's happening in the world and lay back and let lower folk or nerds handle the jobs. But there are some female Angel's out there that are kid, generous, giving, and thoughtful. But not everyone is perfect.

3. Something from the Bible. Believe in it or not. I don't care. Described with a halo and white, bird-like wings.
1. Girl A: Angel is over their and eyeing me.

Girl B: yeah. He's so handsome though!

Girl C: But he's a player.

Girl A: yeah, but even a player can fall in love. :)

2. You go up and see someone who you love but cannot say the words to because they have unlimited personalities. And they change upon the day. That's a female Angel.

3. There is an angel now, with it's white wings and halo. (i couldn't think of anything else? o-O)
by FlashPikachu February 28, 2012
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