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Flash cartoon series featured on Newgrounds.com and FlashPlayer.com

Starting life as a Devil May Cry parody, "Decline of Video Gaming" expanded into a largely popular series about all sorts of video games and developers.
user321: Dude do you know when the new Decline is gonna be out?

user876: Dunno, but if it were possible to camp outside Newgrounds overnight, I would.
by FlashBrosDim April 27, 2005
A popular desert, especially among large, evil ducks. Basically icecream with added rice and less sugar, rice cream is a healthier alternative to Earth's favourite food. Flavours include Basmati Blast, Thai Tang and Extreme-Egg-Fried.
"Go away! can't you see I'm trying to enjoy some ricecream!?"
by FlashBrosDim April 27, 2005
Greatest rock band in the World. Featuring some damn cool guys.
User32: I saw Awkward last night!
user432: STFU
by FlashBrosDim April 27, 2005

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