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A way of showing a juvinile excitment towards the subject matter

Original misspelling of 'the' but also adds a childish tone to the word, and puts across a more inocent feel to the subject
"She is teh sechs" "Shes sexy"
"That is teh shiz" "Thats rather good"
by Flash¹³ Egis-Minsky September 27, 2004
As a default this word can be look at in its base components,

To hit, or physically abuse
Slang, Cocain, a drung know to cause brain damnage

Re: Retard(ed)
Slowed down,
To be slow of thought,

Smacktard is generally an internet phrase use to insult peoples speed of thought, trying to avoid misrepresentations of physically handicaped people, implying that either hard drugs, or repeated attacks to the head are more likly to be the cause.
"Stop being a smacktard and listen"
"Hey, smacktard, stop trying to hit me, AND HIT ME"
by Flash¹³ Egis-Minsky October 05, 2004

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