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1 definition by Flap Finnigan

A city in Ohio in which every one thinks is scary, when the real truth it is full of dumb crackheads and hookers and is not threatening what so ever. Every one who "thinks" they are "hard" or "ghetto" claims to be from either Cleveland or Canton. Canton is not "ghetto" it is broke, no one there has any money, thats why it looks the way it does.
Boy #1. "Nigga im from Canton I run dis shit"

Boy #2. "Wow, im soo scared, that only means two things, 1) you dont know who your father is. and 2) your mother is a crack whore. So get the fuck out of here you brokedick peice of shit."

*Boy #1 walks away in shame.
by Flap Finnigan December 30, 2010