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2 definitions by Flangus

noun: anything that seems exciting and awesome at first, but then turns out to be less than you expected when it's over.
verb: to base experiences solely on emotion, as a young child at pizza birthday party might do.
"I waited all summer to go to Worlds of Fun and it was nothing but a bunch of chuckie cheese."

"Don't chuckie cheese this vacation! It's only boring if you want it to be."

"Don't turn Jesus into chuckie cheese" -Righteous B
by Flangus July 27, 2009
The act of dominating an adversary in a written or verbal debate. Similar to pwn, a werdpwn occurs when the opponent's argument is completely, utterly rebuked, or at the very least you unleash a real good burn which makes the opposing argument (or the opponent itself) look foolish or silly.
Opponent: i invented internets when i was eleven and made a million dollars

You: you were born in 1993 and the internet was invented liek 15 years before that, and you suck at halo. noob.

Onlooker: nice werdpwn
Onlooker: u just got werdpwned. lol
by Flangus June 29, 2009