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The act of typing or talking in a deliberate manner in a game as to distract a specific target, usually the opponent.

Named after the distraction of Skype calls during gaming.
Gamer 1: "Have you ever seen Holocaust: the movie?"
Gamer 2: "What?"
Gamer 1: "It's a movie that is actually about 2 monkeys of the holocaust."
Gamer 2: That sounds like this other movie I saw, It had to do with two-"
*Our forces, are under attack*
Gamer 2: Aww shit, you just used Game SkypeSpeech on me.
Gamer 1: Yeah, and I won bitch!
by Flamegeyser March 23, 2013
A popular show based off the My Little Pony franchise that seeks to cash in on 6 year old girls. However, one of the largest demographics seems to be 13-30 year old men and boys who take it very seriously. This show has become a literal religion to some, and has spawned porno comics as well as too many youtube poops to count.

One thing about this show is that, due to being better than your average cartoon on some levels(some humor, some character development, messages, although these are just compared to the average bullshit nowadays) and has thus become the base of hipsters and/or the average man who wants the hipster in him to come out. Be honest, you all want to be different.

If you would like to see true animation genius, watch Avatar: the Last Airbender
Guy 1: Ever see the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
Guy 2: Naw, sounds gay.
Guy 1: Not really, has some good characters and humor compared to most animation today.
Guy 2: Can't be as good as Avatar the Last Airbender.
Guy 1: Of course not, but you should check it out.
Guy 2: Okay.
by Flamegeyser March 13, 2013
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