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2 definitions by Flailing Failure

Almost like Solidify. Solidate is a general term describing to make firm.
Dominic punched his girlfriends stomach to solidate the fact she won't be having his baby.
by Flailing Failure February 04, 2010
1) Refers to 99% of the population in America. That is, 1% of the American population controls 99% of the wealth. So "The 99%" refers to those who control 1% of the wealth.

2) In 2011 it was wrongfully attributed to the "Occupy" movement, that claim it represents "The 99%" when in fact they only represent themselves.

3) Uneducated intellectuals.

4) Hippies.

5) Poor people.
Steve: "Hey Bill, what are all those people doing down there?"

Bill: "Well Steve, those are 'The 99%'. I think they are preparing to collect welfare."

Steve: "Ohhh, so that's how it works?"
by Flailing Failure December 02, 2011