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A "Pabst Trap" is a series of empty beer cans, typically Pabst Blue Ribbon, strung together with fishing line and set across a low-speed roadway at night. Typical Pabst Trap catches include vehicles, bicyclists, and drunk Navajos.
The man stopped and exited his car, examined the cause of clamour, and exclaimed: "Oh! It's a Pabst Trap!" before returning to his vehicle.
by Flaggot December 31, 2006
East Coast Frailty Syndrome; the result of the genetic mutation and subsequent inferiority of inhabitants of the east coast, perhaps linked to the lack of sunshine and good Mexican food.
Joe's friends thought he was a hypochondriac, but he was actually just a sufferer of ECFS.
by Flaggot December 31, 2006

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