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A tiny ass little town in the middle of upstate New York where everyone literally knows everyone because the total population is smaller than a large family. The center of town is a four way intersection of route 20 and 203 and is surrounded by a redundant array of gas stations. The only interesting bit of business in this town is Zia's Pizza, which is where all the cool kids hang out (as opposed to Cumberland Farms, where the douchers chill) and has the best pizza around. There are only two police patrol cars even though only one is needed and they have the most predictable hiding spots in the world. The cops are usually so bored that they will pull you over for going 31 in a 30 or will attempt to arrest you for robbing a liquor store when you clearly were only standing in the parking lot. Nassau is also referred to as "Nasshole" because it sucks so fucking much. Also home of the Rudats, the coolest family in the world.
Yo mang, lets go grab some Pizza in Nassau.

Oh word? Get me some for free yoyo, you used to work there.

Nah nigga, that shit ain't cheap. I'll get it for free but you gotta shell out!
by Fizzbitch Mcgee February 09, 2010

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