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When an individual, in one way or several in combination, are so fucking cool and/or suave; like a cat or feline, that the individual is deemed Meowsome.

Certain trait's characterize one as such "Meowsome";

*) The consistency of meow's one produces throughout a given day.
*) when one holds beliefs similar to "not a single fuck was given that day", or other ideologies cat's may hold.
*) The audible strength or duration of one's purr.
Person: "I was smoking a fat blunt with that g Mira Cohen, and she's fucking Meowsome"

A Woman: "wait, what?"

Person: "Yea, like mid sentence, she's throwing down meows like Mike Tyson, meowing outta nowhere, I swear she's a cat, but she's Meowsome"
by FittyTyson May 02, 2011
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