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3 definitions by Fishbender

As it so get some tail, to get laid, to "bang" or to "suck" in a sexual nature.
Look at that beautiful woman over there. I wish to make Bang-Suck with her. I wanna make Bang-Suck to my English teacher.
by Fishbender May 13, 2008
5 1
To partake in smoking marijuana in any way possible: A joint, a blunt, a bowl, a bong, etc.
Hey my ya wanna Moke-9-Elsh after work today? I'm in the mood to Moke-9-Elsh! Let's Moke-9-Elsh before the movie .
by Fishbender May 13, 2008
3 2
A moron, a jerk, a stupid act performed by a human being, unusual actions, being stupid.
Take the lense cap off of the camera ya "butt snap".
Put the cigarette out BEFORE you start pumping gas you g-d damn "butt snap". You obviously didn't understand or hear a word that I said "butt snap".
by Fishbender May 14, 2008
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