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An old car of very low value that is viewed as disposable.
He laughed when the muffler fell off his whoop-dee.
#car #beater #whoopdee #hoopdy #hoopdee
by Fischbyne July 16, 2010
Anti-political thought and action (or antipolitics) views the social world as separate from and in polar opposition to the political world. For the anti-political activist, one’s moral conduct takes precedence over any alignment with established political channels, often with an emphasis on individual liberty in the face of perceived "authoritarian" political arrangements. The social world is viewed as natural, the political world as artificial and oppressive. One example would be Occupy Wall Street, where putting forward political demands was given low priority in favor of creating a communal "festival of resistance."

The term dates to the 19th century. The anarchist Mikhail Bakunin argued for "social (and therefore anti-political) organization." Other figures who could be considered anti-political include Mahatma Gandhi and Vaclav Havel.
The strongly anti-political demonstrators jeered and would not allow a sympathetic congressman to speak.
by Fischbyne May 23, 2016
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