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Gangster Brown is the stage name of a rising underground rapper in Miami, Florida. His krew consisting of several rappers can be seen accompanying him on the hoods of Caddies (his car).

His latest album received great acclaim and featured singles like "Me and My Car" and "What A Homie Gon Do"? He is widely known for the Gangster Shuffle, which is a dance move that can be seen in his videos. It involves moving as if you are dribbling a basketball enthusiastically, but without the basketball.

Most of his promotion was done by his sister and her best friend, who passed out free copies of his first demo at middle schools and high schools city-wide. It did not take long for Gangster Brown to rise up.
Usually I skip school, but tomorrow Gangster Brown is going to perform at our school's auditorium to pep us up to do well on the FCAT, so I think I might go for once.
by FireTakesMeHigher February 03, 2010
1) When a certain area, event, or situation involves the presence of police / law enforcement / parents (or any other figure that would turn you in), therefore making it too risky to engage in the illegal activity you were planning.

2) Someone or something that is aggravating, annoying, loud, pesky, when you aren't in the mood to put up with it.
1) We were going to do it in the car, while parked inside the school parking garage, but it was way too heated.

2) Yo that chick Kathy is really heated and she is killing my high.
by FireTakesMeHigher February 03, 2010

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