3 definitions by Fingalcrom

Scottish slang for a ladyboy's genitalia - or someone with genitals of both sexes i.e. a fud and a boabie
OMG! I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. Min! I bet if I took it home for a rummle and put my hand down it's pants I would find a foabie! Ahhhhh the Crying Game!!
by Fingalcrom February 02, 2010
A dingleberry of the very, very dry variety. One that rips hair out of your bum when you try to chib it off
Everytime I move, that bloody snacky just about rips the hairs out of my arse.
by Fingalcrom February 02, 2010
A very posh impliment for removing 'snackies'/ dingleberries from your anus
She is so up herself, I bet she uses silver snacky clippers to clean her arse.
by Fingalcrom February 01, 2010

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