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Applies to any rate of growth which is larger than some expected rate of growth.

In common usage, however, only a small sample size is available, and exponential applies to sufficiently large positive rate of growth.

In mathematical terms, exponential growth is "superlinear"
Person 1: The number of African American presidents in the US is growing exponentially.

Person 2: That's right!

Person 1: The ant population in my kitchen seems to double every week.

Person 2: Oh... well at least it's not growing exponentially

Person 3: x log x grows exponentially.
by FineHall October 14, 2009
This is the subset of Urban dictionary, where definers use definitions to vent their spite for a certain group of people, whether or not the word being defined is actually relevant. Definers will either make up a word (like I just did) or worse, piggyback on another word, and then begin spewing their hateful commentary. In my opinion, rather than polluting the definition, these people should just start a blog and say "I can't stand people who dress like X and come from Y and think of themselves as Z" and follow it up with some more penetrative commentary.

Often someone will express their distaste for something by attempting to coin a derogatory term for people who like that thing. Rather than simply state that they think that Edgar Meyer is a pedestrian musician, they try to characterize someone who would listen to Edgar Meyer as an ignorant philistine.

The definition you are reading may seem like an example, but it has the following important distinction: it describes the action that people that annoy me do. I am not implicitly asserting that other characterists correlate to committing such an action. I am not saying that people who do this wear Calvin Klein jeans, listen to Benny Goodman, come from a certain rural regions east of Duvall WA, or drive a metallic green Japanese hybrid vehicle.
OK, this does belong in the Urban dissin'ary.
by FineHall December 14, 2009

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